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Default Re: Dez Bryant is overrated

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
To be honest, anyone who actually watched Dez play his first couple years shouldn't be the slightest bit surprised by what he is doing now, THIS WAS OBVIOUS. Only an idiot could have watched him play and then come to the conclusion " he isn't even good, just average"

This is 100% true

No question that Dez had some growing up to do, doing stupid stupid shit like getting arrested at the mall or forgetting what route he is supposed to be running, but in terms of athleticism it has always been obvious that theres only a small handful of guys on his level.

After watching the past few months, I find myself thinking that when Dez is actually paying attention to football, he is hands down a top 5 WR in the NFL. Size, speed, strength.... aside from the brains Dez is the complete package. Routes can be learned, discipline can be improved with time, you cant teach the physical gifts that Dez possesses.

It is tragic seeing a guy with all the talent in the world let it all go to waste. I was beginning to think that this would be the fate of Dez Bryant, but over the course of this season he has begun to change my mind.

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