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Default Re: Dez Bryant is overrated

Top 5 WR in the NFL? Megatron Andre Johnson, Julio Jones, D.Thomas, AJ Green, Larry Fitz (unless u are saying top 5 performing WR this yr) otherwise Fitz will always be a top 5 WR. Brandon Marshall.

I'm not saying Dez isn't good. I just think you can't automatically thrust him too 5 with ease just because he helped your FF team as we as mine (74pts). Think of it this way not too long ago you were sour on the guy. Yet most of the names I listed you weren't. They stole remained among the top WRs in the game. So now you are going as far as to say Dez Is too 5? Eh

He has broken out finally and hopefully he keeps it up. Romo will continue to air it out and if Dez works on his game forcing Romo to throw his way even more? He will be a lock top 5 guy.

Hakeem Nicks had a down year but these two should battle for best NFC East WR. Victor Cruz is good but is take Dez over him no hesitation.
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