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Default Re: Would any team want to take both Evans and cousins?

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
don't you threaten Colangelo with a good time. Seriously though if the Raptors want to rebuild the right way this is probably the best deal to do it. But they'd rather commit long term contracts to mediocre players like Bargani and Derozan(God bless his heart he plays his ass off though)

Evans and DeRozan would be a nice duo. Coming from the same draft class, both have potential (Evans having more), and they probably could push each other. I know Raptor fans have a problem with DeRozan's consistency and I obviously don't like the contract he got (can't be getting $10 million a year and produce only 18/5), but yeah WAY more heart than Bargs.

I can see Cousins and Ed Davis being insanely tough inside and would make us a top rebounding team instantly, with Amir Johnson coming off the bench. Might mean have to give up on Jonas in a trade, but I wouldn't mind taking the risk.
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