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Default Re: Dez Bryant is overrated

Originally Posted by GOBB
My argument is simple he is not hands down a top 5 WR like you so claimed. Not sure what was difficult following that. Also saying he could become a LOCK for top 5 doesn't agree with what you said. It's saying he has the potential to be a guy you automatically list top 5 like you do CJ, AJ, A.Green, Julio Jones, Larry Fitz.

How do you know he isn't immature still? Assumption? Maybe Tony Romo is trusting him more when throwing the ball. Maybe he is catching passes and getting open? He could still be an immature player and ball. See Randy Moss.

All I did was disagree with your initial claim because its a bit premature. No need to get defensive.

I didnt say that Dez is not an immature player anymore, I said he has not looked immature for the past few months.

I also said he is hands down top 5 when he is paying attention to football. Physically, Dez is a top 5 athlete.

the only reason I am "getting defensive" is because I you keep twisting my words to fit your straw man counter argument.
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