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Default Re: Dez Bryant is overrated

Players arguing with coaches on the sideline happens. It's only a big deal if you're losing and/or not playing up to your abilities. I doubt Dez is practicing any harder in practice now than he was then. You're blowing silly stuff up. And why ask me what's your deal when I disagreed with Dez being a top 5 WR right now? You went into this defensive mode thing your entire post. Wasn't really needed. What's up your ass? I wasn't even coming at your trying to insult, show you up, embarrass you. Just don't think with his recent performance he should be given the typical knee jerk reactions. All you had to do was say your post meant x t and z. Them this back and forth doesn't happen. You kids need to stop being all jumpy like a frog when someone responds to you. Merry Xmas.
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