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Default Re: Okc has trouble against heat

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
I'm not sure about that. Which is why it would have been a fun series.

Like I said, the Heat and OKC are built similarly in many ways. And OKC smashed the Spurs for 4 straight.

But many ways does not equal every way. I think it would have come down to Pop versus the Heat's talent.

OKC has defensive bigs to play against the offensive bigs (Randolph/Gasol, Gasol/Dwight, and to a much lesser extent Duncan/Splitter). IMO, OKC is better equipped than MIA to handle those teams. Fortunately, for the Heat those teams are all in the West and have to go through OKC to get to play the Heat. Perkins is worthless against a team like the Heat (nobody to guard) and OKC doesn't have the offensive bigs to exploit Heat's weak interior (paint) defense.
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