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Default Re: The overwhelming splendor and excellence of the Bible cannot be disputed

Originally Posted by Derka
...okay. You've basically ignored the actual substance of my reply in favor of adopting a snarky, defensive tone for no reason and questioning a small point I couldn't possibly offer proof of.

You are the reason that debating on the internet is mostly the province of the retarded.
Okay okay okay..
Originally Posted by Derka
Yep. I've read the thing cover-to-cover. Dad's family is devoutly Southern Baptist, Mom's family is strict Roman Catholic. Probably one of the few people in this city who not only had to do Confirmation, but also attended Sunday School a couple times a month.

Its not my intent to slander the Bible by any means, so don't interpret my words as such.
So you're saying that you would know a little about the Bible. Fair. I obviously disagree with a summary like what you gave. My response is that any attempt of a summary of the Bible does a major disservice
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