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Default Re: 3 nba referees get a reviewed play wrong. Is that even possible without gambling?

Originally Posted by UK-NJ
Am I the only one that didn't think the replay was conclusive? I saw Kobe's hand come through and knock it at the same time as Melo, then the ball flew through Melo's hands without a deflection. Upon multiple viewings I definitely didn't find it conclusive. This coming from a die hard Nets fan.
When I watched it live, I was thoroughly convinced Anthony more or less swatted it out of bounds with both hands. I was surprised how close it was when I saw the replay though. I still believe it ended up hitting Anthony last, but I do understand where the lack of conclusive evidence may have been brought into the picture. Some of those angles seem to kind of leave the door open though again, I was pretty certain it was undoubtedly Anthony's last touch.

I bet if they had to pick a call, they'd have given the ball to L.A. However, having already called it New York's way and needing absolutely definitive evidence to prove otherwise, I can see how that mistake was made.
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