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Originally Posted by Djahjaga
If you're referring to Lin, he's averaging 13.1 pts/6.1 ast/3.6 reb/1.6 stl/2.5 TOs on 57% TS (50/36/77 splits rounded slightly up)over the last 14 games (since 11/23 against the Knicks, and not even including tonight's win against the Bulls).

His shooting is picking up and his TOs are surprisingly down. If he continues trending upward, he'll be earning every cent of that $25 mil. In any case, it's not at all decidedly negative.

Edit: He's only playing 32 mpg in that stretch, so it's not like his minutes are inflating his counting stats.
Lin has been playing well, of late. When my post was made, he was trending down.
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