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Default Re: Would any team want to take both Evans and cousins?

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
Wow I thought that Ed Davis would be going out in the trade with the Kings. I assume Calderon is out and Bargani too(although I have no idea in God's name why Sacramento would want him)

Anyways moving on yes I think an Evans, Derozan and Cousins trio could be very successful. I haven't even mentioned Lowry in the mix. I don't see how this team couldn't reach a good amount of success.

Well, Jonas would be better trade bait for a Cousins and Evans package. Probably might have more upside than Davis too, but I honestly would like an inside/outside threat like Cousins and Davis more. Jonas and Davis play too much in the paint that it could hinder their games at times.

And yeah, put Lowry in the mix, all the Raptors would need then is a good SF to be a pretty good playoff team. A great SF (not saying were getting LeBron/Durant/Melo or anything) and we got a contender, for sure. Sadly, the one position that continues to curse this team is the SF position.

Think about this... the Top 3 SF's the Raptors have had in team history in was 1999-2000 Tracy McGrady, the 2 and a half year tenure of Jalen Rose, and the 27 games of Shawn Marion in 2009.
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