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Default Re: Okc has trouble against heat

Originally Posted by I<3NBA
the game went into the wire. if KD or Westbrook's shot had gone in, you'd be singing a different tune. they match up pretty well. it seems an equal match up for me. OKC just really needs a real PG down the stretch of games.

now that Harden is gone, Heat's game plan against OKC is to let Westbrook keep shooting and take away shots from KD.
That really wasn't the problem down the stretch tonight. Durant got the ball and made shots pretty much whenever he wanted. Westbrook just went full retard on two fastbreaks and cost OKC a potential six points. Not saying they were guaranteed points, but I like the odds of Martin and Durant hitting wide-open threes, especially Durant given how well he had been shooting in the second half. Odds are at least one of those would've gone in. I think it was a like a 2 or 4 point game both times, too. Granted, Westbrook was robbed of two FT's on a horrible charge call, but he stupidly put himself in that situation in the first place with a wide-open Durant and Martin on the wing.
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