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Default Re: Would any team want to take both Evans and cousins?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Well Carter played SF for the first couple years.

That's true, but obviously still not long enough and he was a better SG.

Originally Posted by longtime lurker
Yes Raptors are a sad story indeed. The great thing about Tyreke and Derozan is that they're interchangeable at the swing position. Wow this trade seriously needs to happen. Unfortunately I doubt the Raptors would even explore this because of Colangelo's creepy man crush on Bargani

It's all because of his damn ego. He even admitted on a Toronto radio station that if he had to redo the 2006 draft he would have picked Brandon Roy (before injuries).

He's so stubborn that he still feels there is some way to save face that Bargnani can still be a franchise player... ah well, fuck it, this basically sums it up:

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