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Default Re: The overwhelming splendor and excellence of the Bible cannot be disputed

Originally Posted by macmac
The pages don't burn that consistently so if you're out of zig zags, it's not the greatest alternative....however it does make for a good wipe after you came on a chick in a motel and there's no towels or toilet paper, just the bible in the dresser

Don't mistake my words for insults, I am merely proposing modern uses for obsolete fiction. Too many trees have died in the name of Jesus!
You're a pretentious douche. Doesn't even have the decency to just stay out of the thread, let alone has to downgrade the value of a literary and historical work such as the bible to "obsolete fiction" Pretty unbelievable that he writes out these little gems of insight while having a google thesaurus on the other tab. Takes a lot of effort to impress your little forum friends, doesnt it? but wait; don't mistake my words as insults, it's just a very clear insight of your shitty self.
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