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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

The Hobbit

What an amazing movie. I saw it in HFR 3D in cinemax XD. It was my first time going to this kind of thing but it looked ****ing amazing. The 3d glasses were a bit straining but my friends told me to keep em on during previews so I forget they're there. Still bothersome going into the movie, but when the actual detail and intrigue of 3d( ) hit me, the glasses did part my mind. I found myself turning my head from side to side slightly to look at all the little details and depth added by 3d and the new hfr. I don't regularly watch movies but the script had me chuckling, nice spacing between plot development and action scenes, and great acting. This review was mostly about the 48 fps and 3d. It looks stunning, just a little strange in some scenes; but I think better makeup and set design will change those. Overall, great move. Looking forward to the rest of it.

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