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Default Re: The overwhelming splendor and excellence of the Bible cannot be disputed

Originally Posted by Jello
Every university has the Bible as reading in their ancient history curriculum, a core humanities class that is required in nearly every university. It is also a core part of many people's beliefs.
It doesn't surprise me that you think you can degrade something core to someone's belief system to shit and *** rags and then call it useful.
If you think that's okay, then it's obvious you're a pretentious douche as well.

The bible has had an impact on literature, and it is historically important. However overall it is trash. If it were written today it would be mocked to high heaven. And it isn't a core of peoples beliefs, people pick and choose the bits they like and disregard the bits they don't. Every philosophy filters down to the average person, but if we trashed buddha or socrates or descartes you probably wouldn't care.
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