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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I keep saying it but it's funny how every game we win, the pundits have a new guy they want to credit the victory with but I see the same two guys carrying our asses every game. JR and Melo have saved our butts! Jr has a wonderful game yesterday. He took on Kobe head on. Did he stop him? No. Who can? But when he guarded Kobe, Kobe had to work and make tough shots just like Melo had to make tough shots vs World Peace.

We are coming back down to Earth. Kidd is playing like the Kidd of the last 2 years. Scrappy plays and smart decisions but ZERO in the form of point production. Kidd is passing up wide open looks now which is kiling the shot clock. Brewer has been horrendous. I liked the pickup because he was cheap and brought very good defense to the table, but this guy cannot continue to play major minutes. Tyson Chandler is back to getting hammered on the boards again. And my goodness, how many easy layups did he miss last night? He also fumbled the ball and had to pass it out about 5 times. Novak ids Novak and you can tell within the 1st 5 possessions whether he'll be of an use.

Last night was one of those "good losses". #1 It brought us back down to Earth and showed the nonsensical pundits that Amare and Shumpert are needed. #2 We played well. A couple calls and shots go our way and that would've been a win. Not saying it's a moral victory, but I don't mind losses where we play well. We were playing a team at full strength....that's emotional charge because Nash is back....that is probably looking to get revenge after we put it on them in MSG. #3 We got production out of Kurt Thomas and Marcus Camby. I actually thought we looked better when Camby was on the court at times over Chandler because last night we needed his shot blocking. Camby is also more skilled than Chandler offensively. Im not saying he should start but as he gets back in shape, we should play him more. Kurt Flirt also gave us some good minutes lol We desperately need scoring though. I think it's time to start Jr and I agree with Knickscity...enough with the D'antoni small lineup.
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