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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Damnit Knickscity if you say Jeffries name one more time lmaoooooo I thought we got ointment for that disease?

As far as Felton goes, if youre going to be in there, you have to shoot the shots. We have too many guys not shooting quality shots. Its not like Felton is taking poor shots. Most of his shots are open 3s and layups.

This is where not having a quality backup pg is killing us. We need another guy who can collapse the D.

I think a guy who would fit in perfectly is Delonte West. He can play both guard positions. He can knock down the three and penetrate. He can help us in the long run and when Shump gets back. He has familiarity with Jason Kidd, who is known for his leadership. And he banged LeBrons mom
LeBron's mom agrees

I always liked Delonte but he's bit of a headcase. That's probably the main reason why no one has picked him up yet.
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