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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder

That's my biggest complaint of the movie. I thought those squibs were fine in Planet Terror, but they look really really watery. I much prefer the older style squibs like these: Robocop Scene. At least Tarantino doesn't use digital blood splatter, but they look off to me.

Effects genius Tom Sevini played one of the trackers as well, just like he played that Sheriff that got ripped into quarters in Planet Terror. Those are totally his squibs.

I just looked up the IMDB page to see who played the chick tracker, and discovered it was Zoe Bell. So yeah, that was probably just a chance to put her in there. But I still wouldn't be shocked had she had a bigger role that was cut down. Her looking at the slides was an odd touch. And I don't recall her being expressly killed when he enters the house. I actually thought it was her who came in when Django was hanging upside down and all you could see were the spurred boots. I thought that was gonna be the foot fetish moment. Hell, maybe it was. I don't remember one otherwise.

And Sam was spectacular.
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