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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder

That's my biggest complaint of the movie. I thought those squibs were fine in Planet Terror, but they look really really watery. I much prefer the older style squibs like these: Robocop Scene. At least Tarantino doesn't use digital blood splatter, but they look off to me.


I agree with most of your thoughts, except for your take on the Broomhilda plan.

Remember that quick conversation Schultz and Django had? They talked about going up to a farmer and asking to buy his horse; then the farmer would respond, "F*ck no." That's right on the money.

If they went up to a guy like Candie, a rich, faux-intellectual with an inferiority complex and asked to buy Broomhilda that would only pique his interest. He'd think they were playing him. He'd think she was much more valuable than originally thought. He'd be curious as to how they heard about her. Etc.

Schultz posing as a man interested in Mandingo fighting opened the door to get into Candie's plantation and 'happen to hear about Broomhilda'. They concluded a lucrative deal for the fighter (that Schultz obviously didn't intend on fulfilling). And when Candie's attention was totally on that, overwhelmed with the deal he thought he was getting, you bring up Broomhilda as an off-handed thought. It's a simple con that was going to work if Django and Broomhilda weren't caught gazing at each other.


A couple of thoughts:

1. I honestly don't think the n-word usage was as bad as people are acting. I think the first 4 or 5 uses caught my attention, but after that it just became a part of the 'world'.

2. Sam Jackson absolutely killed his role. He brought so much physicality and intensity to it. I mean he went straight sociopath with it. His character played the sick, old, shaky man card to get a little extra sympathy from the white people… While simultaneously being conniving, horrible, and fear inducing. I knew something was up with him, and then at the end when he dropped the cane and the whole act I knew I'd pegged him right. He was brilliant in that part.

3. I also thought there was a scene cut with that female tracker because they really made a point to show her twice… But I think that was just Tarantino giving Zoe Bell a few moments of screen time.

4. I assumed, based on the first trailer that the story would play out a little differently. The Brittle Brothers seemed like they'd be much more important. Like Shultz takes Django, and through 2/3 of the movie tracking the Brittles, Django learns to bounty hunt. Then they go after Candie through information they found along the way. Instead they just kill the Brittles in five minutes. Not a big deal, but that's just what I thought would happen. I was happy to finally see MC Gainey in a Tarantino movie (Brittle Brother with the Bible pages and whip that Django shot and said, 'I like the way you die boy' to.) He's a great character actor that can really play sleazy, so that was cool.


I really liked it. I'd give it a 9/10 and will probably catch it again before it leaves theaters.

Also, did you like it more or less than Basterds? My initial reaction was that it was better. But it's been a year since I've watched Basterds.
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