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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
If our second unit can't score or defend, then put Felton over there and let him chuck with them. Because right now he is absolutely killing our first unit, that can't score nor defend either. Kidd, Brewer, and Tyson can't score. Those are a given. That leaves Melo and Ray Chucker as the only 2 options, and for the past month Ray can't score either. At least not at a satisfactory NBA rate. He is scoring like a D-Leaguer. I hate to bring the comparison up, but Lin is absolutely looking like the better option. And I was never a Lin fan to begin with.

It's not just me saying it either. I'm just the trendsetter.
Ummm Lin is getting 12 and 6. He isnt exactly setting the world on fire.

As for West, he's a headcase but guys who are trying to keep a job tend to mellow the hell out. Weird how that works lol Look at Andray Blatche. I suggested him and you guys were like HELL NO! He's playing well for BK though. I would take him over Kurt Thomas any day.
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