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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Ummm Lin is getting 12 and 6. He isnt exactly setting the world on fire.

As for West, he's a headcase but guys who are trying to keep a job tend to mellow the hell out. Weird how that works lol Look at Andray Blatche. I suggested him and you guys were like HELL NO! He's playing well for BK though. I would take him over Kurt Thomas any day.

In Lin's last 10 he is doing 14.6 and 6.5 on 50% shooting. That's exactly what I want from the PG spot.

Felton is doing 15.7 and 5.2 on 34% shooting. No typo. Thirty four percent. That's exactly what I don't want from the PG spot. He's chucking like he's trying to prove he belongs, but the more he chucks the more he proves he doesn't belong. It's a catch 22 for him, but he doesn't know it.

BTW no Melo and no Felton for tonight's game.
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