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Default Re: Will these guys score this many points ever again?

Kobe: 50 Yes, this season
Wade: 45 No, he doesn't shoot enough anymore and he sucks at 3s
Dirk: 45 Yes, when he gets back in shape
Dwight: 40 When Kobe retires lol
Duncan: 40 No
Pierce: 40 He scored 40 a few days ago
Garnett: 35 Sure
Ginobili: 35 Sure
Amare: 35 Yes
Ray Allen: 30 Yes, if he gets hot from 3
Bynum: 30 Yes
Vince: 30 Yes
Kendrick Perkins: 20 Not as long as he's on OKC
Lamar Odom: 20 Yes, seems like every Clippers game is garbage time early in the 3rd qtr

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