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Default Re: Big Papi Standing Up For Bonds..

Originally Posted by STelfair31
Big Mac didn't step on peoples toes and he was white..

he was bigger than Bonds but Mac had that stocky and bulky build...

He did catch sh*t, remember the classic "I'm not here to talk about the past..."? It is far from a race issue, Bonds is an as*hole to everyone, especially the media, hew deserves this scrutiny.

And besides, he still gets 20 minutes of every single Sportscenter. I remember one the first games of the season, the Giants lose 7-0 to the Pads, and the whole highlights of that game was of Bonds failing to get a HR. F*ck you ESPN.

There's nothing Bonds can do though, because suing the investigators would make Petey-the-Don't-Sue-People-Panda an even sadder panda.
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