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Any thoughts? I know the game doesn't really mean anything and I probably won't watch it, but I like to see who got their recognition for making it on and who got snubbed.

I figured London Fletcher would be snubbed since it happens every year and Alfred Morris since he's an unheralded rookie, but it's nice to see 3 Redskins make it (RG3, Trent Williams and Alexander). I'm a little bit surprised Luck didn't make it, and I'm pretty surprised that Richard Sherman didn't make it. The NFC WR list looks a bit odd. Jones over his teammate? Cruz over Bryant and Jackson? I guess Cruz made it on to make up for being snubbed last season. As for the AFC WRs, Thomas should have made it in over Welker. Maybe a bit interesting, McCoy made it in over Suh. I guess it'll be tough for him to make it with his reputation (which is BS), or maybe it's just because they factor in team record so much for PB selections.
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