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Default Re: Surprised by Kobe/Nash fitting together so well

Originally Posted by bladefd
I don't know about you guys, but I was bit surprised this is working out very well so far. Both of them needed ball in their hands for very long stretches in past, but they have found a way to balance it out.. at least against the Knicks

Anyone notice Kobe give up the ball with clock ticking down to Nash? WHAT? Kobe giving up the ball willingly in clutch situation on last possession???? He has never done that before since 2000.. I mean he gave it to Shaq a few times to dunk it in but never to another player with clock ticking down to handle and to create the last shot.

I hope this continues for rest of season. Looking good so far. great game yesterday.. The team is playing better team defense too now with Nash back. looks like they're pumped by the return of the field general.

They are both very smart players and veterans, I expected them to play well together.
Remember Kobe giving the ball to Luke Walton for a game winner and Luke was like WTF, I don't want the ball and tried to give it back as the clock expired Kobe went off on Luke immediately
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