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Default Re: BREAKING: Avery Johnson fired by Nets

Originally Posted by niko
I don't think Avery the person is bad. Avery the coach though is YELL YELL YELL. I saw the Nets play one game in person and sat right behind him and his body language is awful, it ranges from pissed to annoyed to pissed and always seems at the players. Mind you that was one game but it didn't strike me as something you'd want in your coach if you were a player.

Don't take this as i don't blame the players though...

He takes his job seriously...gets his message across, and is very approachable. He's a players coach, most players love him. Deron got him fired, as a scapegoat.

Avery is like the most proven commodity on that team. Their season tanked when their actual best player Brook Lopez got hurt (which is sad, because he may not even be an allstar), and they've struggled to find that rhythm again. This is a talented team, but not championship caliber. Avery said that before the season, and the next coach will find the same thing.
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