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Default Re: Big Papi Standing Up For Bonds..

Originally Posted by Wizardly Cool

People were hardcore accusing Big Mac of being on the juice even before he retired. Don't act like Big Mac had a free pass. That sumbeech used more juice than Bonds and he'll forever pay the price.

Don't be fooled people, the truth about Bonds will come out, and it should. That's only right. I don't blame a natural hard hitting legend like Hank Aaron for not supporting Bonds' road to being the new homerun king.

Oh, and ONE50, stop making everything into a race issue. Talking about race makes me a ssssssaaaaaaad panda.

I didn't bring up race, I didn't have to, so I didn't. That was all about the MLB getting back in the good graces of the fans. And no one of substance was even thinking about a steroid witch hunt. Infact they serve us that sh*t sandwich of a story about andro-plastic (whatever) just to make everything look on the up and up. Baseball is just openly hypocritical in many aspects of it's existance. Oh and Hank Aaron should be happy as a Homo Hooker at the Charles Hickey school for boys that Barry is approaching is record. I heard last year, that people still consideer The Babe the homerun champ. Basebal is messed up.
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