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Default Re: Big Papi Standing Up For Bonds..

Originally Posted by GOBB
A lot of players got bigger in baseball. Why is Bonds any different? Ken Griffey Jr was a decent size as a rookie and as of today got bigger. Same with Arod. You cant assume because a player gets bigger they are on roids. That is retarded. Bonds has probably one of the toughest workout regimes in the game. It rivals that if Jerry Rice...Gary Sheffield (another who got bigger) said he worked out with Bonds and couldnt hang. Bonds hired a personal trainer out of his pocket.

If you're gonna examine a player examine head, foot sizes from back then til now. Dont examine "Wow he is 240 now and back then he was 170". Since when did human beings stopped growing? As you get older you put on weight anyway. So that argument is weak and holds no weight. You gotta come stronger when accusing Bonds of doing illegal performance enhacing drugs.

No one spoke on his personal trainer nor Bonds testimony where he said "I didnt knowingly take anything illegal" which basically says if he did take illegal substances he didnt do so knowingly/was unaware. Mention that when you claim Bonds is guilty. Not his size change. WE may never know when Bonds took illegal substances, for how long. The suspicion will always be there and honestly I think he did.

That said taking illegal substances didnt improve nothing about his natural talent which was phenominal when he entered MLB. It maybe have given him more power but his plate awareness, his hand/eye coorindation, his ability to recognize pitches and drive runs in. His intimitadion being walked so many times....thats all Bonds. MLB tests for illegal drugs now yet he has had an impressive year....check out his numbers vs others and only Arod is really having a better year. Bonds is putting up stats in less ABs. He's getting walked again as well. He's on pace for 57 HRs over 125rbis.

Today he went 0-2 with 2 BBs.

He has 11 IBB in 74ABs vs Howard 11 IBB in 96ABs and Hafners 10 IBB in 104ABs

Do the math fellas.

People think Bonds dominance is based on illegal drugs. He won MVPs in 93, 92 and 90. Gonna claim he was on roids then? Like lets be real. He didnt pull a Ken Caminitti.

He's more likely to be on HGH than steroids, if he's on anything at all. MLB doesn't test for HGH. You have to be a moron in the first place to take steroids. SOmeone like Bonds, with his knowledge of weight lifting, vitamin usage, training, etc is not going to use something like steroids. He doesn't need to. If anyone is on the juice, it's someone who is desperate and trying to break into MLB.
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