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Default Re: BREAKING: Avery Johnson fired by Nets

Actual quote of how I feel about Williams also:

I get that kinda, but the Gerald Wallace trade was atrocious because there was absolutely no upside to that.

And please do not get me started on the Drama Williams trade.

He's like the 80/ 20 rule.

You guys had a fat naive wife who simply had to be molded into what you wanted and she was all for it (Favors & Harris) but instead you went for the hot bitch that refuses to cook, clean, but complains all the time, wants to be taken to the finest restaraunts and events, and only wants to have sex on her terms (Deron Williams), all while flirting w/ other dudes (Dwight Howard, Lakers, Mavs) right in front of you.

That's when you wake up and see she's not about sh*t and move on, instead Billy King buys an engagement ring (Wallace).

End of the day, Avery wasn't anything spectacular as a coach but man he deserved a better player than what he ended up with (although it was rumored he can't coach PG's ie his dispute with Jason Kidd in Dallas before being fired there).
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