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Default Re: BREAKING: Avery Johnson fired by Nets

Originally Posted by gigantes
i'd give PJ the keys to the franchise and as much money as he wanted if he'd be willing to accept them.

but then i'd realise that even such a move wouldn't really fix the nets' fundamental problems... that they foolishly locked themselves in to a bunch of horrible contracts with a group of players who simply don't mesh that well as a 'contender'-level team.

no, ideally i'd blow the team up and start over. it would be painful of course, but a realistic step, and would at least would give us nets fans realistic hopes for the future.

instead, since you only get one amnesty per summer (not five), we'll hire a good coach, like one of the gundys or mcmillian or someone else, and we'll mentally mast-----e for a good long while over the idea that our problem was really just coaching and not the above-mentioned items. we'll make lemonade out of lemons for the next couple years, and i'll adjust my expectations as always and just try to enjoy the ride, and when some of my fellow nets' fans go off on the "nets are on a win-streak so that means we're a going to the finals" schtick, i'll bite my tongue as i usually do, nod my head like an idiot, and wave the B&W brookly knight flag that mister jay-zee himself personally designed.


I think the GWall trade was the only wtf move. Cap space is overrated in that you can't just keep waiting for people to sign with you... unless you're a team like NY or LA. I don't think GWall is worth what they gave up; it doesn't make sense to give up such a high pick unless the draft is absolute shit. Even then, you never know. I think they got a steal for JJ if you don't look at the money. He still isn't playing his best.

The Nets aren't a championship contender. They never be with their roster, but they are a good team. I'd compare them to a team like Memphis if they can get everything clicking. They have the pieces. They just aren't on that LAL (still think they can win), OKC, MIA, SAS level of talent and cohesiveness. But in the East the only team far and away better than them is Miami.

They have a team that is constructed by "the NBA championship blueprint" even. Scoring 2, do-it-all 3, all-star PG. They even have a workman PF and an all-star caliber C. The problem is there is something tiny missing from everyone... be it age or talent or motivation.

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