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Default Re: BREAKING: Avery Johnson fired by Nets

Originally Posted by tpols
And Derrick favors for deron Williams.

Imagine seen that pick and roll develop. Fvck this quick fix shit.

and Kanter and Harris(now Marvin Gaye thankfully) and a player yet to picked stll.


lol I wouldnt be surprised even if its per month lol. But seriously, this
team does not need PJ, he cant coach star PGs. Its better suited for Jerry
Sloan's system, although Nate Mcmillan will fit as well.

It won't be Jerry that's for sure I don't see McMillan after Avery either. They said Phil couldn't coach a big man before Shaq too. The way Deron is playing he could be in the Fisher/Kerr/Paxson/etc role.

The rookie has to play defense...does anyone remember what Deron's defensive stance is like? Because I don't remember. I was happy the last time Deron played defense.

And that's what he was supposed to have on Paul coming into the league.
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