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Default Should Mavs go full out tank mode for the year?

Mavs won't do any damage in the playoffs(if they make it) and getting a pick in the 14-20 range won't help them out. But if they can land a top 5 pick, resign Mayo, have a healthy Dirk and with that cap space they can be possibly be a contender again as well as have pieces to build around in the future.

What if they draft one of the following: Shabazz Muhammed, Cody Zeller, Noel, Len, etc
Sign one superstar they've been looking to pair Dirk with: Dwight? CP? Josh Smith and a mid-tier guy? Do they try to get Deron Williams in a sign and trade of Dwight Howard?(Is it possible?) Or do they get 3 good but not superstar players?

PG-Deron Williams


PG-Devin Harris
SG- Mayo
SF- Muhammed
PF- Dirk
C- Howard

Point is that getting a top 5 pick will help them out in the long run and in the near future. Barely squeaking in the Playoffs or finishing in 9th place won't do the Mavs any good. Tank, retool and be a dark horse for next year.
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