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Default Re: Should Mavs go full out tank mode for the year?

Originally Posted by SCdac
Haven't watch Harris this season, but last I saw of him in Utah he seemed almost done. Def not somebody who should be starting. Should give Collison the qualifying offer and retain him however they can (seems like a good middle ground between a role player and a star).

I put Harris there as he'll probably sign on the cheap to go back to Dallas and I think he'll be fine in Dallas. Dallas probably needs a distributor at PG as neither Mayo or Collison are those players but they have to find the next best thing, plus Dallas usually prefers having defensive minded PG's. I don't know how much Collison would be getting and that may lead to less cap space being available for a FA.

But I do think they need a distributor at PG who can find Dirk off the pick, on top of the key and let Dirk do his thang.
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