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Default Re: Should Mavs go full out tank mode for the year?

Originally Posted by Mr. Incredible
Why would anyone give up assets to get Dirk at this stage of his career?

Dirk still has high value. Don't be fooled by his recent play as he's coming back from knee surgery. He's 34 and you have to figure he'll have a few years left considering his playing style is reliant on athleticism. At worst he'll have a Garnett type drop of production which isn't a bad thing but I don't see him being a useless player as Dirk can literally hit a shot from anywhere in the court, that fadeway ain't going away..

Many playoff teams would LOVE to have Dirk.. You don't think OKC would trade a young guy for him and pair him up with Ibaka? How ****ing nasty would thay combo be? Or LAL? NYK? Houston? Miami?

If Mavs are willing to trade Dirk almost every playoff contending team would make a move..
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