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Default Re: Should Mavs go full out tank mode for the year?

Originally Posted by knickballer
Mavs shouldn't trade Dirk and I don't think the Mavs will rebuild but rather retool, there's a big difference. Dirk is still a superstar and I still think he has a few seasons left of him playing at a high level ala Duncan.

Mavs have the assets to do a retool in a good squad next year if they do it correctly. They need to tank this season, land a high pick and use that cap space they've been saving up on some new players to compliment Dirk and the existing players they have. Hell they can even trade their top pick for a star like Boston did for Ray Allen years back

Plus what can the Mavs really get for Dirk? Look how bad the Magic got screwed out of Howard and they'd probably get a young "star" who's not really a star but with a big contract and that isn't the way to rebuild..

Point is the Mavs can do a Celtics like comeback for next season. It's a good thing Boston didn't rebuild and trade Pearce a few years back..

I don't think they should trade Dirk; I'm calling out what Cuban has done the last two offseasons.
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