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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by RoseCity07

Most of my post was just venting in general, not necessarily at you. But:

Your opinion on editing is invalid because you couldn't discern good from bad editing until you read someone else's opinion and just posted it here.

I didn't say you had to have editing experience. I said you have to understand how to analyze a film better. You can't just say, "BAD EDITING!" and give no examples or actual criticisms.

Look at your criticisms:

- If you think the dialogue was weak, that's not an editing problem.

- If you think there were boring parts and it was too long, in a Tarantino movie, most of that is on the script*. There were subplots cut out of the final movie and it was still this long. Editing down another 5 or 10 minutes would still leave it at over 2.5 hours. That would've helped a few scenes, not the majority of the movie if you were bored throughout.

- Having too much violence is not an editing problem. That's a special effects and script problem.

* Lengths of his movies

Rd 1:40
PF 2:35
JB 2:35
KB1/2 4:05
IB 2:35
DU 2:45
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