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Default Re: How good the Lakers would have been with Lebron instead of Kobe?

Originally Posted by Bandito
If Lebron was on the team, then Nash wouldn't be needed because Lebron needs the ball to be effective and Nash is not Ray Allen. Lebron needs to shooters to be effective and he had that in the Cavs and the Heat but the Lakers don't have shooters on this team, they never had to be honest. If Gasol or Dwight has the ball he's just gonna stand in the corner because he can't play off ball as he's pretty bad at it.

I don't think he would've done a better job than Kobe in this Lakers team to be honest. The reason he works with the Heat also is because he has three current all stars backing him up with great shooters from the 3 point line (one who is the best in history). And if you see how he uses Bosh, Gasol and Dwight are going to struggle with Lebron, way more than Kobe at least.

So in my opinion the Lakers won't be better with Lebron than Kobe from a basketball standpoint.

THere is of course things I can't measure about Lebron like his willingness to pass the ball and set the offense but meh...

Lebron and Bosh PnR are pretty effective especially when bosh hits that pop out elbow jumper, i imagine gasol will be as effective as bosh in running that. Now since gasol is more a post player and a decent passer, him getting position through PnR with lebron would lead to dwight getting better looks. From defence rotating over or a back door cut from dwight or lebron sliding out to 3pt line etc... etc... Given how heat handles the ball now, i would say its lebron 55% wade 35% 10% for chalmers/cole, now give that 45% to nash and i would it would be pretty efficient ball sharing with either lebron of nash intiating offense.

Though the bench is still horrible, come play off time it shouldn't matter as much thats why you still can't underestimate the current lakers yet. But i think with lebron on the team and nash the shot distribution will be pretty good considering how them both are good passers and will find open teammates.
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