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Default Re: Not Sure Why CP3 Isn't Getting More MVP Attention

Originally Posted by pauk
Besides your ignorant and delusional words whats your point?

What Chris Paul is doing individually compared to Lebron/Durant is LESS
What Chris Paul have to do for his team to win compared to Lebron/Durant is LESS
What Chris Pauls teammates are doing overall across the roster compared Lebrons/Durants teammates is a bit MORE (i can show you if you want)

Its very simple... Chris Paul is a MVP contender, but does not deserve more of that attention than Lebron or Durant.... then you can go and throw your insults as much as you want...
They are truths. Thats why they hurt you. I can't be the only one that says you have a boarderline gay obsession with LeBron James.

I never said anything about LeBron being inferior in any facet of the game. Turn your lust-o-meter down a few notches and comprehend what I am saying.

Changing the lowly Clippers from laughing stock to the winningest team in the league is something you build legendary status off of. With Paul, and make no doubt about it, they play like a cohesive unit, with heart and relative smarts because, in large part to Paul (it ain't VDN that's for sure Ehh Bull's fans)......which is why he deserves MVP consideration. It is a REGULAR SEASON AWARD, so if Paul leads the Clips to the best record in the league he deserves the award in my book.

The Heat and Thunder are more talented than the Clippers are they not?

*I knew you'd be a buster and mention points lmao.

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