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Default Re: Not Sure Why CP3 Isn't Getting More MVP Attention

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Ray Allen
Chris Bosh
Mike Miller
Shane Battier
D Wade
R. Lewis

That's not 6 players that could go off for double digits on any night?

"Could..." but are they and how much did they compared to Chris Pauls?

If you are really gona act so stupid, then here it goes...

Miamis current productions without Lebron:
74.4 ppg (bench: 25.5 ppg)
29.3 rpg (bench: 9.5 rpg
15.6 apg (bench: 5.5 apg)
6.8 spg (bench: 2.4 spg)
3.8 bpg (bench: 1.0 bpg)

Clippers current productions without CP3:
87.1 ppg (bench: 45.1 ppg)
38.9 rpg (bench: 19.1 rpg)
15.1 apg (bench: 9.1 apg)
8.5 spg (bench: 5.2 spg)
6.6 bpg (bench: 3.8 bpg)

Do you see the RIDICILOUS difference now in what Lebron compared to Chris Paul has to work with!?

Yes Lebron has Wade & Bosh.... but thats it..... and even those two are inconsistant, miss games and one specifically (Wade) is not playing like his old self either....

There is a reason why Chris Paul doesnt have to average close to a 26 point triple double and play dpoy/1st all-defensive type of defense and play/guard almost all positions for his team to win...... there is a reason why he can do much less and still have the best record in the NBA.... see above again if you sometimes forget...

Despite this, Lebron has the best record in the east and one of the best records in the NBA makes him an EASY favorite over Chris Paul for MVP...

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