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Default Re: Not Sure Why CP3 Isn't Getting More MVP Attention

why does paul get all the credit for "turning the clippers around" ... that is just laughable to me ... guess what, they were not a terrible team in 2010-2011 ... if they hadn't started off terribly in november, they might have been in the chase for the playoffs. blake griffin is A NUMBER 1 DRAFT PICK and a petty big talent (even if he has his flaws). to me, his arrival was the light at the end of the tunnel for them ... and then of course they've gotten better because blake, deandre, and bledsoe have gotten better and they've added some big contributors in paul, butler, crawford, and barnes

paul is a very, very good player and obviously bringing him on made this team better ... but these false narratives geeeezzzzz ... there are a lot of reasons for the clippers' turnaround, NOT just chris paul

and let's look at how "lebron turned the heat around" ... THEY WENT TO THE FINALS THE FIRST YEAR HE JOINED THEM!!!!
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