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Default Re: Not Sure Why CP3 Isn't Getting More MVP Attention

One more thing, this is exactly why (see above) you can NEVER use "But Lebron plays with Wade/Bosh" as an excuse.... The only time you could use that excuse when comparing for example Lebron to CP3s MVP case is if Wade/Bosh averaged about 15 more points, 12 more rebounds, 4 more blocks and 3 more steals (simply enough for Miami to outproduce Clippers roster)... thats what Lebron will need from them to keep up with Clippers (without CP3) productions... either Wade/Bosh will have to do it or everybody else and those sure aint capable of doing it and guess what neither are Wade/Bosh... Because for that to happen Wade will need to average something like at least 30-11-6-3-2 while Bosh averages at least 26-13-3-2-2.... and they are nowhere that good... Lebron is not playing with Oscar Robertson and Shaquille Oneal for the love of god....

4 guys averaging close to 10 ppg each is more than two averaging 19 ppg (thats where Boshs/Wades current ppg meet in the middle) each

Use some logic... please...

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