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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
Saw Django earlier, pretty much lived up to my expectations from the time I first saw the trailer- it's Blaxploitation that favors style over substance, but that's a Tarantino hallmark. I couldn't help but feel that this was just one big, expensive excuse for Quentin to throw in as many 'n*ggers' in there as humanly possible. And was it just my imagination or was Sam Jackson just doing his best Uncle Ruckus impersonation out there?

It had some humorous bits, the violence was over the top especially the final shootout. Decent flick overall. 7/10

A few friends of mine said something to the effect of the "shootouts" and violence being "forced" or overkill, but outside of that pretty damn entertaining. It seems like something I'd check up on two years down the road on Netflix; not something I'd race to the theater to see.

I still want to see Flight. I keep telling myself "grab a buddy/chick" and do the damn thang, but it somehow finds itself on the back-burner weekend after weekend.

I've come to the conclusion anything Denzel touches turns to gold, but that's me overrating because we all know his filmography isn't Hollywood's most impressive, but from a personal perspective, he hits more home runs and lands triples and almost never singles or bunts, and typically any movie he's in (leading role or not) that turns out to be a "bunt" Denzel himself usually still keeps shit afloat.

An example would be The Taking of Pelham 123, where (IMO) the movie just overall sucked, but Denzel gave a pretty good performance. An average performance from Mr. Washington, but his average > most "best" or "one of the best" from fellow actors in the circus that is Hollywood.

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