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Default Re: BREAKING: Avery Johnson fired by Nets

Originally Posted by Clifton
When Jackson takes over the Nets, and within two weeks they are widely considered the second best team in the East and a championship contender, I wonder what people will think of what happened in Los Angeles in the 00s.
regardless of the reality of your vision, you bring up an interesting question i hadn't really thought about before--

how is it that jackson's first lakers team was able to thrive in the triangle so quickly? i mean, from what i've read, the triangle is apparently one of the most difficult offensive systems of all to learn, and yet that group kind of hit the ground running in the space of, what? ...a single pre-season training camp?

then in the playoffs, you had a team that got totally dominated by the spurs the year before to one which went all the way, walloping the reggie millers in the finals.

so, other than the fact that the refs stole the sacramento kings blind in that one western series against the lakers, the boys in purple and gold were suddenly the class of the NBA for the next five years.

my point is, isn't it kind of wild how quickly that all happened?

was it voodoo magic and tarot cards, or what?
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