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Default Re: Remembering Diego ''Chico'' Coralles . RIP Chico

Originally Posted by GOBB
R.I.P Diego....that sux.

That Coralles fight was great....people argue he should have been given a standing 8 count but I dunno...he was defenseless against the ropes, hands not even up defending those shots. He was eating too many power punches clean. One thing if they missed, were blocked...but these were smashing into him. Unlike Coralles when he got dropped he went down instantly...Castillo was up...ropes held him up. He should have took a knee.

Wish Diego was focused with his head in the game when he fought Floyd. I dont think he could beat Floyd but he wouldnt have been embarrassed like that. He had personal baggage that affected him. Didnt even look like the same fighter that fight.

I was just going to say he should of dropped a knee and got an 8 count but i think he was out on his feet at that point and like you said only the ropes were holding him up.

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