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Default Re: Lakers all-white Xmas uniforms = a one-time thing

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)

Not a big fan. I've always liked the old school lakers jerseys.

The ones that magic and captain played with.

Best jersey by far. We should have stayed with the original classic away on purple and black and yellow and purple away.

2 jerseys. Nothing else. You play your hardest every game regardless of jerseys.
Kind of takes away the uniqueness of a teams jerseys if you keep making alternatives and Christmas jerseys and los lakers and all this other shit.

Keep it simple, classic, and legit. 2 jerseys man.

I thought it was cool that they switched out to the retro short short jerseys for that game against the Celtics a few seasons ago for Christmas. This year, not so much on second thought.

I like the home and road, but the sunday home white and yellow jerseys rock too and would be the first one I would purchase if I wanted to buy a Laker jersey.
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