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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by beer
I completely respect your opinion. And you are right the pac12 south champions should not get blown out. But the south was extremely weak this year. We got blown out by cal as well this year and look at their record. But we are really 4th in the PAC, after osu, Oregon and Stanford. Baylor is fifth in the big12. Also, I was in no way comparing us to Kansas state. Let me clarify, it was a complement to Baylor and their ability. I'm not a delusional fan at all. We're no where near k-state. Even when losing Baylor, was extremely close, by less then a touchdown in all their loses this year correct? As for Hundley, we love him. He has a lot of deficiencies but he's better than anyone we've had in a long time Anyways no more. Please let me forget this game ever happened. We just beat Missouri!

On a different note. Why aren't you guys playing Texas anymore. It would be a shame to not play your rival every year. Florida and Florida state do it, as well as Georgia and Georgia tech, and they're in different conferences.... And good luck vs Oklahoma.

Yeah, ya'll have a great basketball team. I'll never forget this bullshit no call years back though...

Our basketball program is about to crumble. Everything Billy Clyde Gillespie, Acie Law and Donald Sloan built up is falling apart.
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