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Default Re: I envy the man who taps the greatest ass I've ever seen

Originally Posted by LamarOdom
I haven't met a lot of Somali people, maybe 3-4 in my whole life but they all had a weird stench.

Fair enough. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting a Somalian. But I can attest that none of the white and black Americans I've encountered have had any sort of innate odor to them like Indians (and apparently Somalians) do. Save for, like, crackheads who simply don't bathe and instead wallow in their own shit. But a bad smell would result from poor hygiene in any race.

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
they at least have sense enough not to try and smoke in the shower dood...

That's exactly what I said. I was giving them props, as you might say.
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