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Default Re: I envy the man who taps the greatest ass I've ever seen

Originally Posted by LamarOdom
Well I won't go around and look for Somali people to smell but I've been reading some now from what I've found on Google search and too many people describe the smell that I felt to be a coincidence, sry bro it must be something y'all eat.
Listen bro there is literally nothing we eat that would make a weird stench, go to a somali restaurant yourself and try that shit out. Not only will you love the food, you will realize that none of it has a strong smell.

You are arguing with a somali person and trying to tell me that we smell bad, this is the equivalent of me going up to a white person and trying to convice him that his race smells bad. Not once in my 23 years of life have I heard someone say somali people smell bad, now stop badmouthing my people, stop arguing and acknowledge the fact that your accusation is baseless and in bad taste.
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