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Default Re: Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Clippers

Originally Posted by Indian guy
OKC. Depth is close to irrelevant in the playoffs, since everybody shortens their rotation and the edge LAC's 2nd stringers currently enjoy against other teams' benches simply won't exist in the playoffs. The playoffs are all about your core 3-4 players, coaching and defense. OKC's best 4 are much better than LAC's, they have the best player and the coaching is a toss up. The only edge LAC does have is their D, which has surprisingly been elite this year(ranked #2) while OKC's merely above average(#11) on that end of the floor. If LAC can somehow maintain that level on defense all year, which I highly doubt to begin with, VDN's teams have a history of being awful defensively, then I can see LAC stretching a 7 games series to 6, but no more.

The shortening roster argument won't work. The Clippers bench has been sh!tting on everyone's starters. No one in the league can stop Westbrook and Durant but I guarantee if you put Barnes on Durant and Bledsoe on Westbrook in a 7 game winning streak, shit won't come easy. And then you have Griffin who has improved tremendously on his help and on ball defense.

With that said, a Clippers/Thunder playoff series can go either way. The Clipps have been on fire but they are not invincible either and neither are the Thunder. The Clippers have inflated their bench because of what happened last spring against the Spurs. As long as the Clipps stay healthy, they have as good of a shot at winning the Championship as anybody.
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