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Originally Posted by Graviton
Same JDS that was outstruck by a wrestler?

Overeem's striking involves kicks/knees along with punches, he is the more dangerous guy standing. JDS's boxing alone won't be a nightmare for a K-1 champ, especially when he doesn't have to worry about takedowns or the ground game of JDS. When this fight happens next year, you will see the difference between their striking game.
Its not that simple.
Cain's pace of takedowns is what opened JDS up to strikes. He had to lower his hands to defend the constant threat of takedown. The same would happen to Overeem if Cain fought the way he fought tonight. In the first fight Cain didnt show any real threat of the takedown which he why he got KTFO.

JDS vs Overeem would be more of a straight forward stand up battle.

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